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Ecommerce Solutions

Security Assurance

Kripya provides an end to end security assurance service for your ecommerce business from Point of Sale (POS) system, Mobile App, Browsing System and supply chain integration. We empower each and every customer with the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure. 


Kripya’s security assurance service monitors and evaluates the security of ecommerce platforms from a 360 degree perspective including payment gateway integration, online transactions, fraud detection & prevention and transaction process protection. 


Kripya has five industry-leading service power indicators—Fraud Prevention System, Risk Intelligence Platform, AI Keyword Analysis engine, Real-time Black Market Monitoring and Daily/Weekly Transaction Search Services.

AR Integration

Delivering compelling experience for brand interaction or sales interaction to your end customer is the leading trend across businesses. We help you build high end Augmented Reality experiences. We offer AR services to online fashion sellers to help them boost sales, increase conversion rates and make customers happier by providing a truly immersive experience. We help you build beautiful 3D models of your products which are displayed on shopper’s smartphones, making it easy for the user to shop your products rapidly. This would enable you to provide a great and memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Platform Aggregation

Kripya’s platform aggregation service makes your Ecommerce platform efficient and reliable. The Kripya Platform enables retailers to aggregate several of their e-commerce channels. By aggregating online marketplaces, businesses can offer their customers the benefits of multiple sellers, inventory sources and payment options on a single platform. A single source of truth and one dashboard to manage all your e-stores will make your business groups robust and tremendously improve your operational efficiency.

Managed Services

Kripya provides customized Managed IT Support Services for keeping your eCommerce portal up all the time, scaling up for sudden surge in demand and relieving you from the hassles of managing them. Especially for small and medium businesses, having an in-house IT overhead might be an overkill for your business. We take IT off your plate allowing you to focus on growth of your business.