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Bringing “smart” to your “industry” for Industry 4.0

Kripya is an end-to-end software solution that transforms the way automotive manufacturers develop, test, and ship. Kripya-Automotive combines multiple software technologies into a single platform, making the development and deployment process more effortless. As a result, automotive OEMs software integrates and adapts faster, thus significantly reducing their time to market for new models.

Smoothing the Manufacturing Ecosystem

Imagine an end-to-end seamless experience with system integrity and a whole new world of possibilities for connected machinery and players in the value chain.We bring a disruptive technology first approach along with deep manufacturing expertise to help you better right from shop floor to supply chain.

Exploring a data-first approach

Our expertise in the manufacturing industry ensures that we can help you improve your performance by providing you a wide range of integrated logistics, IT, production, and engineering services, solutions, and support to optimize your business operations, control cost, improve productivity and plant performance and all through integrated and real time data access. Enabling the front line workforce with operational data or bringing to performance data to board, we help you build sustainable and scalable data solutions.