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Retail, Fashion & Apparel

Bringing style to your CX and simplicity to operations

Kripya has extensive experience in delivering services and solutions for Fashion and Apparel customers. Our offerings cut across development, QA, implementation, infrastructure services & application sustenance covering the complete software life cycle requirements of our customers.

We enable our clients in:

  • Bootstrapping software organizations
  • Developing platforms for Analytics
  • Migrating to cloud based infrastructure
  • Building Next generation solutions in AI and ML

We help businesses consume data from over different systems in their own IT landscape and supply chain management systems that are external to help make decisions and offer rewards for high quality products. Fashion and apparel businesses use Kripya’s solutions to monitor inventory levels, satisfy market demands, run promotional campaigns, and provide other business intelligence solutions. Kripya’s team consists of experts in data, cybersecurity, user experience, and business analysis who work continuously to integrate new technology into their business operations.

End to end solutions:

Streamlining processes from procurement to manufacturing, we consult on solution fit for PLM, ERP and help you build customized solutions around them. We have experience in deploying and localizing software solutions across the globe, particularly in the PLM space. We are Centrix’s partner for testing and support services, which gives an unparalleled understanding of how to put the product to best use for you, wherever you are in the Fashion value chain

Business Intelligence:

Kripya has the deepest and most comprehensive competitive intelligence products on Retail Fashion & Apparel. Price comparison, marketing analytics, customer analysis and more, we bring industry flavoured dashboards and reports

Marketing Analytics:

Fashion companies today need to create various styles to attract consumers while balancing time, cost, and quality. Therefore, simplify the pattern drafting and pattern-making process with perfect prototypes deployed with advanced mechanisms from us.

Customer Analysis:

Dealing with fluctuating seasonality, unpredictable market demands and margin pressure.On-demand production is here to help to find out more about how our tailored cutting solution changes the way you manufacture with Kripya.