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Analytics & AI/ML

SaaS Enterprise Reporting

Thanks to the advent of cloud computing and smartphone technologies, global organizations are churning out several terabytes of data every day. With the humongous amount of data that has been created over the years, all organizations face the following challenges:

  • While data is stored and available, the volume is making it difficult to convert data into meaningful information
  • The same data is spread across disparate enterprise systems, each with a different taxonomy and structure. This introduces constraints in de-duplication and normalization.
  • A portion of the required data is available within the enterprise, and the remaining data is available in the public domain.

Kripya’s enterprise reporting solves the above challenges in a diligent and efficient manner. Kripya has developed a SaaS platform that can be used to source data from disparate systems, that normalizes the data into a uniform schema and provides interactive reporting dashboards.

Kripya’s ability in reporting and analytics has resulted in tangible gains to our customers and the SaaS model provides you with a low cost, low maintenance, pay-per-use model that provides maximum benefits at the lowest operational cost.

Business Intelligence

Acting on data is much more important than sourcing and storing them. While reporting helps you find the right information from historical data, our business intelligence solutions empower you to decide on actions for the future.

We provide you with deep insights by slicing and dicing the data using a variety of techniques and supplement it with simple-to-use visualization tools and analytics frameworks that facilitate rapid decision-making. We build custom reports that can help your decision-makers pick the needle from the haystack and act on it

Predictive Analytics

Kripya’s mission is to bring the power of predictive analytics to every organization to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

A lot of people are talking about predictive analytics, but not many know how to implement them effectively, but Kripya does. We bundle state-of-the-art predictive algorithms with the latest machine learning techniques and integrate them into your project in a way that brings you real value without wasting time on tedious data cleansing and modeling. We bring our proprietary algorithms to your data and get a reliable baseline for actionable insights. With data models that are tailored for the industries you are operating in, you gain an edge over your competitors. Predictive models are built from deep domain expertise and command over data. Examples of our predictive models include predicting the power output of an inverter on a future date, predicting failures of devices installed in the field, and the future power consumption of Air Conditioners.

Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning Solutions

Our AI/ML experts have created a variety of models, as an extension to our predictive analytics algorithms, that can be trained to identify patterns in your data, and provide recommendations for resolution based on the patterns. From increasing the website engagement by real-time rendering to increasing sales performance based on suggestive actions to course-correct seasonal effects in sales. Kripya experts make it easier for people to build artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning products and services. Through our visual documentation service, text-to-action engine, auto-tagging engine, and other tools, it will be easier than ever before to get started building your products or services that use AI. We believe that Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is the way to help businesses manage a large volume of data, streamline their work, automate tasks and make smarter business decisions.