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Scalable Test Automation

With the emergence of new technologies and the migration of several monolithic applications to cloud-native, Kripya has constantly updated its testing methodologies to meet aggressive release schedules. Learnings from several hundred years are routinely incorporated into our QA & testing projects. 

Our testing footprint covers Functional testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, Penetration testing, Load testing, and Security testing. We have developed specific test solutions using Selenium on the Cucumber framework – these solutions support the integration of automated testing with the CICD pipeline. Besides tight integration of testing with your build and release cycle, we have also proven our capabilities in providing real-time dashboards that provide a view of SW product quality even while it is getting developed. 

We have frameworks built for Web App, Mobile App, UI testings.

With Kripya, you can easily convert any existing manual test suites to an automated test and run them as often as you require on multiple platforms. With our automation services, you can get all the testing benefits without the need to hire a dedicated resource or rethink your test strategy.