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Products and Platform Engineering

Architecture consulting

Our seed team will initiate your consulting engagement with Kripya. They will work closely with your functional team and SMEs to understand your specific solution needs. It would result in a Solution Architecture that combines the best Processes, Platforms, and Technology that addresses your growth needs. 


Kripya will always provide a solution that will align with your strategy and long-term vision. 


In all its engagements, Kripya delivers a detailed business process model that significantly improves the clarity of the proposed solution in terms of processes, workflows, and metrics to measure solution effectiveness. 

Some of the recent architecture patterns predominantly adopted by organizations are

Microservice based architecture

In this architecture, components are highly modular with well-defined boundaries and can talk to each other through remote access protocols. This pattern is popular among global players with more than one component. 

Microkernel based architecture

This architecture pattern consists of two components – a core system and several plug-in modules. The core system works on minimal functionality to keep the system operational, and the plug-in modules are independent components with specialized functions. 

Layered Pattern architecture

Layered architecture is classified into four distinct layers: presentation, business, persistence, and database. This pattern will not be limited to a specified layer, and the business logic will be coupled with integrations across layers. 

CQRS based architecture

In Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)-based architecture, events are sourced as streams. Data can be restored as it was at a certain point in time, and the system can restart the whole chain of events that transformed the data until a particular moment. 


Event sourcing-based architecture

If you are looking for a software architecture pattern that is agile and highly performant, you should opt for an event-driven architecture pattern. 

We help you develop the solutions on architectures that will be a perfect fit to solve your needs. 

Design and Development

As our solutions move into the Design and Development Phase, Technology experts from Kripya will work closely with your technical team. Kripya places immense importance on Platform Independence as we design and develop applications that stand the test of time and changing technologies and can rapidly improve your ROI and user experience. 


Whether it is Java or Microsoft technologies that integrate best with your existing IT landscape, Kripya has successfully developed and deployed several applications. This diversity of experience has resulted in Center of Excellence in a variety of tech stacks. In line with its mission of Creating Enduring Value, Kripya would be technology agnostic and pick the right choice of SW components that help you go to market sooner and support rapid scale. 


Our Agile processes and best practices are consistently repeatable across customers. At the same time, we demonstrate flexibility to fine-tune processes to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. 


Application Modernization

Microservices, Docker Containers orchestrated in Kubernetes. This is becoming the norm of the day – it started just before the new normal and has been significantly fortified by it. 


All enterprises are going through a digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant in the new normal. All systems need to be scalable, remotely accessible, and cloud-native. 


High performance with the lowest utilization of resources has become a dire need. Cloud technologies are rapidly moving from virtualization to containerization. 


Kripya has successfully created containerized frameworks for Linux-based applications. We have also successfully containerized a monolithic windows-based enterprise product suite – this framework includes Containerization, Orchestration, and Hosting on GKE. 


Microservices based development

Microservices-based platforms provide the advantage of high modularity, and at the same time, the modules can communicate with each other through remote access protocols. It has gained immense adoption among several global players.  


Kripya has consistently grown over the years, gaining knowledge and experience of the applicability of any technology to a specific need. 


Microservices-based applications have provided significant benefits for all our customers. We can bring in our knowledge of best practices independent of your size, enabling faster deployment and scale of growth. 

We make it happen

We are uniquely positioned to work on product architectures with over 15 years of experience

New Applications

Agile and scalable architecture for the products that we engage with from the scratch


Rearchitecting to build agility and modernness into products that have been built years ago


Moving the product from its existing platform to a modern one with our unique framework


Rearchitecting non-cloud applications to make them cloud-ready and deploy on a SaaS model