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Multi-Cloud Deployment

In today’s world, almost every enterprise has some cloud infrastructure that they get from one or more cloud service providers. In some cases, these hybrid environments span cut across enterprises for the sake of flexibility, reliability, and resilience. While multi-cloud services provide definite advantages, it also adds complexity to your IT and Development teams. 

They must adapt themselves to different processes, understand the nuances of technology and deployment changes, ensure consistent security and commercial guidelines are applied across the service providers, and importantly learn the cloud-specific variations in deployments across the globe. 

At Kripya, we ensure your IT and Development teams can focus on their core activities. We manage the complexities arising out of multi-cloud deployments by applying best practices and processes, automation of routine infrastructure tasks scripts, and providing accelerators that will assist in cloud deployments of the same type (public or private) from different providers and orchestrating seamlessly. 

Moreover, we take a structured approach to assessing the need of the corresponding workloads, derive the right strategy that encompasses business requirements, compliance, risk, costs, etc., and provide the right visibility and transparency to you.