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Kripya was founded in 2006 with a vision to create customer value through innovation. Pacing against the evolving tech trends, Kripya stays ahead of the curve in new tech adoption and normalizes the current digital trends with its deep industry expertise and extensive software project management experience. 

About Kripya

Your trusted digital partner to make you Agile, Effective and Efficient

Kripya is a trusted name for providing reliable technology solutions that help businesses soar on their growth path. We also have a significant command of translating business needs into digital solutions with great efficiency and giving superior customer experience throughout the journey.

Enabling Enterprises Go Digital

Our techno-functional experts help you design, build and implement a digital roadmap for your business wherever you are today on the digital maturity curve. While we have the expertise to do it industry-agnostic, our focus lies on Retail, Fashion, & Apparel (RFA), Manufacturing, and Automotive domains

Accelerating Software Products Engineering

Our product experts have helped build and deploy several software solutions. We can accelerate your product road map from conception, developing the correct architecture to giving you operational support and sustenance

What we provide

Get Set for Rapid Growth
With our services and solutions

We have a tailor-made approach for SMEs & Global enterprises, enabling faster ROI and increased effectiveness

Product Engineering Services

Strategic partner to product companies by providing technology consulting, Development, and other services to enable faster Go-To-Market

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Cloud Services

We provide you with the Cloud strategy and implement cost-effective and secure solutions

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Analytics & AI/ML

Providing businesses with a superior level of data control and deep insights through the Kripya analytics framework that leverages AI and ML technologies.

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IoT Solutions

We enable your business to operate based on real-time monitoring and remote management through actionable insights.

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Cyber Security

Helping you secure your business content across platforms based on an unified strategy combined with global compliance standards

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We are a technology partner of Centric Software, a market leader in PLM for Retail, Fashion & Apparel and Hard Goods.

Our growing engagement with Centric covers a wide range of SW services including Development, QA, PLM Implementation, Infrastructure Support, Application Support and Technical Content Management.

We work closely with several global brands through Centric. We are proud to state that “Kripya is an extended arm of Centric Software

What Our Clients Say