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Available Positions

Test Automation Architect (6 to 8 years)

  • Ability to define and implement automation frameworks for automated functional testing of Java/J2EE Web based/Cloud Applications.
  • Specific experience in Cucumber framework with Selenium tool and using this framework for automating Java applications is a mandatory skill.
  • Strong understanding of Monolithic and Micro services-based Java applications, Development frameworks such as Eclipse/Spring Boot
  • Knowledge of REST API would be a plus (Postman/Swagger)
  • Work closely with manual QA leads to understand the automation scope, split the manual test cases into automation script components.
  • Rapidly address UI design/functionality changes to application and update/maintain automated scripts.
  • Define architecture to integrate automated test cases into the CICD pipeline.
  • Experience with Jenkins server for deployment, execution, and reporting of automated execution status.
  • User-level experience in bit bucket, and skills to merge/update existing automated code with new code.
  • Ability to overcome framework limitations by programming on Java /Javascript.
  • Knowledge in using JIRA ticketing tool would be an advantage but not mandatory.
  • Ability to lead a team of automation engineers and deliver high quality work output against an aggressive schedule.
  • Periodic status reporting and implementation of customer feedback, combined with an ability to present the framework and automation methodology to developers.

Test Automation Engineers (experience 2 to 6 years)

  • Senior/Junior Test automation engineers with ability to develop automated test scripts based on a defined framework.
  • Experience in creating automation scripts on Cucumber framework with Selenium.
  • Understand the architecture, work closely with architects and manual QA engineers in executing automation scripts and reporting status.
  • Programming skills in Java/Javascript/REST API is a must
  • Strong collaboration skills with Manual QA team to ensure timely delivery.
  • Ability to quickly solve script issues arising out of application changes.
  • User-level knowledge of Jenkins and Bitbucket for deployment and execution.

Job Role 


Modern Web Application Architect – Cloud, IOT, Analytics

We’re looking to hire talented software architects who are passionate about building great products, work on cutting technologies, and love to be at the forefront of innovation. We are a rapidly growing company building a cutting-edge IoT and AI-driven analytics platform. 



  • ♦Provide Architectural and Tech leadership to grow and mature our IIOT platform to a world-class product delivering exceptional business value.  
  • ♦Work closely with various stakeholders viz. team leads, business, and marketing heads to constantly evolve our platform/solution architecture, technical strategy, delivery, and road maps.  
  • ♦Identify and define new product features and build technical specifications, manage and incorporate change requests.  
  • ♦Drive organizational changes and establish governance structures to effectively execute the road map and deliver milestones.  
  • ♦Work closely with various teams to develop cloud infrastructure and strategy.  
  • ♦Define, implement and evolve our development, staging & production environments.  
  • ♦Continuously hone and upgrade your skills in the constantly evolving technology world. Create the future through intellectual property such as patents and publications in prestigious conferences and journals. 



•10+ years of relevant experience in the web application development space.
• Experience in designing and leading the implementation, validation, and deployment of scalable
web applications.
• Excellent analytical, technical and problem-solving skills.
• Understanding of business requirements and the process of translating them into well-engineered and integrated technical solutions.
• Competency in web development stacks such as like LAMP, MERN, etc.
• Competency in one of the major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, etc.
• Strong knowledge and experience in Agile and SDLC software development practices and
technical documentation (requirements, functional specifications, test plans, DevOps, test
automation etc.)
• Good understanding of Industry standard design patterns / architecture such as MVC,
Microservices, Lambdas etc. and good knowledge on REST/JSON
• Strong UML skills and ability to document structural and behavioral elements of solution
• Good knowledge of Containerization; Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry
• Good knowledge of tools and technologies essential for Cloud DevOps
• SCM – GitLab, GitHub, Bit Bucket, etc.
• CI/CD – GitLab, Jenkins, etc.
• Scripting and Automation – Linux Shell, Perl, PowerShell.

• Monitoring – Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus etc.
• Infrastructure as Code – Terraform, Cloud Formation, Azure Resource Manager
• Working knowledge on setting up automated testing for cloud native applications.
• Proven experience working in fully Agile teams.
• Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal

Job Role 

Lead AI/ML Architect


We are a rapidly expanding team building world-class IoT and AI-driven analytics platform. We’re
looking to hire talented professionals with experience in architecting and deploying AI/ML based
applications. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about building great products, work on
cutting technologies, and love to be at the forefront of innovation.



  • • Work closely with stakeholders and clients to understand their business needs. Find ways to
    apply AI/ML technology to existing processes, identify opportunities to build new insights and
    • Architect, develop, and deploy scalable and easy-to-use machine learning workflows
    • Help integrate AI/ML applications into the cloud analytics platform
    • Apply research methodologies to identify the Machine Learning models for the problem at
    hand; Suggest, collect and synthesize requirements and create effective features.
    • Creating algorithms that can analyze big data sets and identify trends and patterns.
    • Identify opportunities to apply the latest advancements in various cloud and digital technology
    domains to address gaps and/or increase efficiency of AI solutions
    • Grow and mature the AI/ML Platform architecture and effectively contribute in building our
    analytics platform
    • Provide Architectural and Tech leadership in the AI/ML team.
    • Drive organizational changes and establish governance structures to implement AI/ML related
  • Requirements

• Overall, 5+ years of direct experience working with AI/ML based implementations
• Strong programming language skills in Python, R, and Tableau to be able to synthesize large
unstructured data sets.
• Hands-on experience with statistical packages and AI/ML libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Spark
MLlib, etc.
• Knowledge of Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, or PyTorch
• Experience in implementing and deploying Machine Learning solutions using various models,
such as Linear/Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, (Deep) Neural Networks, Hidden
Markov Models, Conditional Random Fields, Topic Modeling, Game Theory, etc.
• Strong background in statistical analysis and modeling, distributions, hypothesis testing,
probability theory, etc.
• Experience in effective data exploration and visualization; hands on experience with tools viz.
Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.
• Ability to work in cross functional teams and willingness to multi-task and learn new
technologies quickly
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; the ability to convey your message
to team members and other stakeholders
• Broad knowledge of cloud computing vendor landscape and AI/ML solutions in the marketplace

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