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Product/Platform Extension

Features Enhancements

Kripya’s feature enhancement software service improves the performance of software by increasing its functionality. It can help companies of any size to  quickly estimate and prioritize the software features that have the biggest impact on product usage and profitability. Kripya helps to get product, marketing and engineering focused on a common goal of driving more revenue with less effort.

Module Additions

We make it easy for you to boost your existing product.Kripya is your partner in improving the performance of your existing software application. Kripya’s expertise lies in understanding your existing performance bottlenecks and their impact on your customer’s experience, often before you do. Kripya significantly reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot and pinpoint those issues and delivers an insight based transformation roadmap. And these additional modules will be deployed and maintained at the right costs and perfect user experience.

Service Aggregation

If aggregating services from various products and platforms for providing a seamless user experience is your goal, Kripya will be the right partner for you. Extending your product APIs to be universal or building the integrations that are customized for you, our team of highly trained experts help our customers save time and money by taking care of their service aggregations in the business process.