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End to end validation

Process Optimization

Kripya offers end-to-end validation services for Software and Hardware products (including Edge and IoT devices). We have deep expertise in compliance to get your products pass the strigent quality gates in time. 


Kripya QA experts combine their manual and automated testing skills into a single testing process. We help you automate routine test procedures like smoke and regression testing, performance tests, stress tests, and automation of any manual and/or paper based processes. We can build HTML based GUI interface which allows you to

  • a. Record your test scripts, and visually analyze test execution results.
  • b. Define and execute workflows to trigger action on test failures,
  • c. Provide visual representation of the processes and test results.

Testing CoE - Tools & Techniques

Our QA professionals have end-to-end understanding of the challenges faced by enterprises and help customers in solving specific business needs and achieve operational excellence. We are highly motivated, results-oriented, and have a passion for constantly improving our processes and workflows.

We have:

  • Certified Software QA engineers
  • Comprehensive QA Knowledge
  • Transparency and control

Our testing practice allows for real-time integration with continuous builds and continuous deployment. We extensively use a combination of tools such as Selenium, Jenkins for automating the testing process, and Test Management tools such as JIRA. With Kripya, you can maximize your efficiency by automatically tracking time, test coverage, and run-times.