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Cyber Security

Cloud Security

Kripya offers a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that detects vulnerabilities and secures data as it travels over the cloud. Built from the ground up with global cyber security standards, our approach is centered around keeping data safe and secure. Our service enables comprehensive end-to-end encryption for enterprise, SaaS, and mobile apps. Let us help you with cloud security for your own applications or third party SaaS applications you consume. As we all know, Data security is way less expesive than data breach.

App Security

Secure all applications, including web applications, databases and mobile applications with Kripya’s 360 approach for discovery of vulnerabilities, strategizing and implementing the best in class security practices. Kripya offers enterprises a comprehensive approach to Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology with Web Application Firewall (WAF), Content Management, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) delivered with consistency and reliability.

E-Commerce Security

Ensuring a secure and uninterrupted experience for your customers is critical for the success of online brands. Cybersecurity for your e-business and online transactions is important both for data security and compliance. Ecommerce sites may have to store customer confidential information, and this can make your site vulnerable to attacks.  Online businesses accounted for nearly 32% of all successful cyber attacks in 2018. 


Kripya helps you build multi layered security solutions that ensures privacy and non-repudiation, making your customers feel absolutely safe while transacting with you online.

IoT Security

Despite a plethora of news and information about the latest IoT security breaches, businesses continue to invest in connected IoT devices and not much into protecting them from vulnerabilities. As more devices and people get into the network of connected devices, it becomes critical to secure your IoT network to avoid breaches that can result in device failure, loss of control over sensitive data. We help you set up protection strategies with alerts for anamolies.