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API and micro services QA

Kripya provides API and Microservices Quality Assurance (QA) services. Our testers evaluate the quality of your APIs, integration points, MicroServices on diverse platforms like Web/SPA, Native, Mobile Applications, IVRs and Responsive (RWD), in addition to other technological interfaces.

Kripya Quality team uses an end-to-end test approach to test any web or mobile application for quality. For both APIs and microservice applications, Kripya offers manual testing, automated UI level testing using open source tools like CasperJS/PhantomJS and Selenium. We are focused on test automation and offer test consultancy at any stage of the app development lifecycle. Kripya has the expertise to deliver critical API testing and Microservices QA for any type of application

We combine the best of our technology with our industry expertise to provide quality services that go beyond API/Microservices testing and ensure product success to your end client.