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Application Modernization

Kripya offers application modernization services, converting legacy applications into cutting-edge, cloud-ready, AAA (Agile, Auto-Scaling, and Artificial Intelligence) ready applications at a fraction of the cost and schedule of traditional approaches. We offer agile development expertise to convert old-school business/ERP applications and vertical market solutions to AAA ones. With our easy-to-use tools & expertise, we can modernize all your enterprise applications in a short time frame & deliver the desired output on time. 

The Kripya application modernization service includes mobile-first responsive Website Designing, Mobile Application Development, and CMS Implementation with a team of UI/UX experts. 

COTS Integration

Using Kripya’s integration services, products from multiple companies can effectively and readily interoperate with other components in a complex system. COTS integration house of Kripya is a reliable supplier of the following services: system integration, data processing, cable systems, test equipment design & fabrication.  

Kripya’s key goal is to respond to our customers’ increasing product development complexity and faster time-to-market requirements. With several years of experience in the Fashion and Apparel domain, our staff integrates custom applications with many COTS components and delivers guaranteed efficiency to your organization. 

Capability Extension

For legacy applications that do not currently have some specific much-needed functionality, we build production extensions for rapid deployment at an affordable cost. Kripya will be your right partner for quickly ramping up application functionalities as we bring the required business acumen, technology experience and modernization expertise