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IoT Solutions

IoT Cloud Platform

Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution is here. Industries across all verticals are trying to leverage the benefits which the latest technologies can bring to their business. Kripya is committed to being at the forefront of innovations in IoT, advanced analytics and machine learning technologies to deliver superior solutions and well-engineered products for businesses around the world. Our Cloud-managed smart solutions help leverage IOT technologies that revolutionize every day operations across verticals such as Factories, Solar Energy, Telecom Towers, Enterprises, Retail establishments and more.

IoT Solutions

Kripya CenterStage Solutions

IoT Smart Factory​​

Factories have constantly grappled with the problem of finding ways to improve efficiency, reduce wastage, and better monitor and manage industrial processes. Plenty of metrics generated by various sensors, systems, and processes are often underutilized often due to a lack of interoperable systems or difficulties in connecting the dots.

Our IoT Smart Factory solution help to monitor machine data and identify inefficiencies and deviations in processes so that you can address them better. This can translate to wastage reductions due to process flaws, improved capacity utilization, and tighter quality control. Also enables sustainable green practices, & improves supply chain traceability and overall productivity.

Smart Solar Monitoring solution

Kripya’s Smart Solar Energy Monitoring solution is designed to remotely monitor all your Domestic Electrified Equipment (DEP) from anywhere in the world. It provides real-time energy consumption data based on actual data read from the DEP meters anytime/anywhere. While saving energy, monitoring your equipment will also help you track down frauds, thefts & inefficiencies caused by manpower, and accidental tampering. The DEP data can also be used for purposes like billing, tenant settlement, or for end-to-end energy auditing of commercial/industrial establishments. We are at the cusp of a new trend in solar power – the democratization of clean energy. With the support of smart meters and Energy Providers, more and more people can harness their own solar power (time-of-use) and we can partner with you in bringing the power of solar to everyone under the sun 

SmartTowers - Comprehensive Tower RMS solution

Monitoring infrastructure across geographies has been a challenge especially for telecom assets. Built on a powerful core with a highly scalable backend, Kripya SmartTowers is designed for enterprises. It provides “single pane of glass” view and control over all network elements across multiple centers.Gaining popularity amongst large operators across all segments due to its powerful yet flexible and simple user interface, Smart towers is an end to end solution offered by Kripya. Operational awareness of towers is greatly enhanced by a comprehensive suite of statistical monitoring and alarm functions, with alarms going off if any parameter deviates from the normal range. We build the edge devices and the remote user interface as well, making your solution building experience seamless.

Key Features

  •   Real-time remote monitoring and control
  •   Device Agnostic – supports wide range of devices
  •   HTTP and MQTT Protocols implemented
  •   Rule-engine based events management
  •   Multi-level dashboards
  •   Customer Account and Multi-site Management
  •   User Access Level & Data Visibility Controls
  •   Escalating Alerts and Notifications
  •   Data Logging and Aggregation Systems
  •   Handles large device data without overloading DB
  •   Machine Learning Integrations
  •   Traceability and Historical Records
  •   APIs for 3rd party Inbound / Outbound Integration
  •   White Labeling / Custom Branding for your customers