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Cloud Solutions

Multi Cloud Migrations (GCP, AWS, Azure)

Our customers have benefited significantly from our future-ready approach to Cloud Migration. Our hosting journey started with hosting and managing applications of customers on their facilities. We then introduced the advantages of cloud, by moving them to Amazon AWS.

We improved further by improving scalability and availability, while optimizing the utilization of IT infrastructure resources. Many of our customers have seen a reduction in their IT costs by over 40%, one of the key solutions being migrating them to GCP.

We then introduced the advantages of containerization using Kubernetes, and now we are into multi-cloud deployments.

Our services go beyond just provisioning infrastructure in the Cloud. We ensure the migration of all your applications to the cloud. And to increase your organizational velocity, we have developed automated application deployment solutions that can be reused across cloud platforms.

We are cloud provider agnostic. As your partner, we tend to leverage and optimize your prior investment by identifying the right combination of resources and technology across different cloud service providers.

Our Offering:

  • Assessing cloud readiness to meet tech and business goals
  • Result-driven support ecosystem from certified professionals
  • Proven track record in delivering cloud solutions on-budget on-time
  • Site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • Cross platform deployment to leverage your investments. Our cloud experts are experienced in AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud and VMWare.
  • Automated deployments that can cut across platforms and save hours and days of efforts for your IT team.
  • AWS Partner with complex implementation experience
  • Edge development
  • Serverless apps deployment
  • Immutable infrastructure

Cloud Operations

One of the critical success factors in a cloud migration is the ability to ensure efficient and smooth operation of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud specialists at Kripya will work with you to understand your data and infrastructure availability needs and establish a reliable process to meet your needs. This process will be integrated with the Kripya Network Operations Center platform.

Requests for planned activities will be executed through an industry standard ticketing system with defined workflows that are aligned with your business processes.

Incidents will also be managed against defined SLAs to ensure a committed availability and reliability of your system. The SLAs from Kripya would cover both the responsiveness and resolution needs. Learnings from incidents would be captured through a knowledge management system – this helps in leveraging and applying the best practices across our customers.

Cloud Storage

As several organizations have embarked on the journey of digital transformation, the volume of storage has rapidly increased. Cloud technologies provide rapid scalability which has in turn contributed to significant increase in storage needs.

Kripya’s cloud experts will provide you with the optimum level of storage needs that balances the cost of storage and the growth in scale.

Our cross-platform deployment expertise enables us to provide you with the best technology to store large data at the lowest cost, while ensuring availability and security. Besides availability and scalability, data security and integrity are also important factors to guarantee productivity and confidence. Kripya’s storage recommendations are tightly integrated with the security requirements that protect your precious data.

Cloud DR / Backup

All organizations serve customers through SW solutions. Our cloud solutions provide scalability on demand. At the same time, it is important that organizations plan to mitigate risks of infrastructure failure by having a robust Business Continuity and Disaster recovery plan.

Kripya will work closely with your business teams to understand your business continuity needs, and design a DR plan that ensures business continuity in the shortest possible duration. We take a 360 degrees techno-functional approach to making your mission critical data invincible.