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Continuous Integration/Deployment

In order to accelerate your release cycle, Kripya’s automated test process ensures support for CI/CD. Builds generated overnight are deployed immediately using Jenkins. The new build is subject to a battery of rigorous automated test cases, with the results published in the QA portal. Build that passes the automated tests gets deployed in the next environment. This array of automated build, test, and deployment processes ensures significant contraction in your build and release cycle times. 


Defects detected during automated tests will trigger a defect submission workflow that would assign severity according to the nature of the failure. It ensures critical bugs get the immediate attention of developers and resolution is included in the next build. 

Kripya’s QA team truly becomes a DevOps Partner as they can test on a dynamic infrastructure. The cost savings from decreased pre-production time and increased production stability will benefit your business. Development is effective with test environments that are just as realistic as production while using the same sets of scripts. With Kripya, you can bid adieu to lengthy manual or ad hoc testing.