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Full stack development (Java/.NET)

UI/UX & Frontend

Technology and Platform choices play a pivotal role in the success of your application. However, it is the User Interface and Experience that motivates your users and customers to choose your application and propels your growth

UI/UX specialists at Kripya have the expertise to design world class front responsive applications and mobile apps that enhances the productivity and satisfaction ratings of the users. 

Depending on the architecture, we use a flexible set of light weight front end languages such as React, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Angular, Vue, SASS, Swift, Elm, and jQuery

Middleware / Business logic

Middleware development enables one or more kinds of communication or connectivity between two or more applications or application components in a distributed network. By making it easier to connect applications that weren’t designed to connect with one another – and providing functionality to connect them in intelligent ways – middleware streamlines application development and speeds time to market. It’s indispensable today, because of the distributed nature of enterprise applications residing on cloud, on-prem built at various points of time.

With Kripya’s expertise, you can
  • Secure integrations between applications enabling workflow and dataflow
  • Manage dynamic traffic across applications and platforms

While enterprise SW enables to be competitive and operationally more efficient, many organizations end up having business units that work in silos, thereby not allowing the organization to gain the ROI originally envisaged.

As part of its implementation process, Kripya will craft an integration strategy that would provide seamless integration of disparate applications. Data and processes are integrated through an organization-wide workflow with zero or minimal human intervention.

Our capability goes beyond integrating Software – we can provide solutions that integrate devices, machines and applications in this era of connected devices and IoT technologies.

Kripya has integrated enterprise software tool chains like PLM, ERP, Enterprise reporting and analytics platform to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Backend / Databases

Businesses grow and thrive through databases. Data scientists and Database specialists at Kripya will work with your business teams and design the perfect database for you. We can separate the development of a database – that is, specification and creation of a schema to define data in a database – from the user processes that make use of the database.

We can use the three-schema architecture as a basis for distinguishing the activities associated with a schema.

We can represent the constraints to enforce the semantics of the data once within a database, rather than within every user process that uses the data.

API / Interfaces

Our API experts develop world class APIs that facilitate smooth integration between your enterprise systems. We have successfully delivered complex APIs that efficiently fulfill the needs automation of complex workflows, and smooth communication between your applications


Our APIs simplify implementation of new applications and integration with third party services. 

We use APIs as an effective tool to accelerate your digital transformation journey and to build analytics components that provide deep insights about your business. Our API developers have expertise in REST and SOAP web services APIs.