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Technology Migration


Kripya’s application modernization services can help you eliminate the additional cost and risk of maintaining multiple codebases. Through its code conversion process, Kripya helps you quickly deliver existing mobile application features and functionality to new platforms, allowing you to focus on creating a next-generation business with new revenue streams. 

Kripya’s customers have significantly benefited from our ability to provide a simple and efficient path to migrate to new technologies as and when they become available. 

On-prem to Cloud (Cloud Agnostic)

Kripya simplifies the task of migrating to the cloud through a comprehensive set of tools. We have considered the needs of our customers and carefully designed Kripya’s migration services that can move any application that is on-premises to any Cloud platform.  

Kripya helps enterprises in migrating their applications from one cloud service to another. Our unique migration services offer clients cost-efficient, secure, flexible, and visible cloud transformations apart from architectural and technical guidance. 

Using our services, you can move content between clouds without affecting the user experience. We take care of everything involved in moving the data to your new cloud environment: Virtualizing, planning, designing, scheduling, and migrating. 

Technology Upgrade( Eg: .NET 4.5 to .NET Core)

We provide migration services for your core investments into modern platforms and utilities such as Web 2.0, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and HTML5. Whether you are planning a tech refresh or an outsourcing strategy, Kripya has the expertise to maximize ROIs through process improvements to deliver business outcomes key to your success.