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Standard SLAs

While all the cloud providers adhere to and comply with the standard operating SLAs, there are still many inconsistencies about the importance and interpretation of these SLAs pertaining to the enterprises’ consumption of different cloud services. This becomes even more complex when the enterprise workloads are spread across multiple clouds or hybrid environment. 

At Kripya, we understand both sides of the table and essentially bridge the inconsistencies – deriving the service levels as applicable to the stated purpose and intent, and how to consolidate and measure the effectiveness, as well as serving as the blueprint and warranty for the workload architecture. The derived SLA sets introduces standardization and consistency of information across your organization.

Our standard SLA list includes but is not limited to:
  • Availability (defined by 5-9’s or 4 or 3 and by times of the week)
  • Performance – Response Times
  • Security / Privacy – Encryption – at rest, in-transit | Compliance
  • DR
  • Data – Location, Access, Portability
  • IPC: Incident, Problem and Change
  • Crisis Management | Dispute Mediation
  • Exit Strategy – Service Transition