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QA for Data Migration and Integration

The Kripya team is skilled at providing QA services to Integrate new systems and Data Migration. Our technical expertise coupled with our understanding of customer needs results in an excellent quality of service.  


Testing for application migration is always complex because of the fundamental differences in the data model between migrating systems. Using its expensive experience in testing upgrades/migrations, the Kripya team has developed a migration framework that incorporates all the best practices from our experience. These best practices ensure no migration defects and a reduction in migration cycle time


We have the latest tools and technologies to deliver the most advanced solutions for difficult integrations, data, and performance diagnostics. 


Our QA engineers ensure the quality of the deliverables, reduce your overall TAT and save you money. With our extensive experience in performance testing, distributed solutions, and design-pattern-based approaches, we strive for better quality software and lower downtime.