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Cloud Native Apps Development

Serverless Development

Kripya provides serverless development services for distributed applications. It makes your solution development vastly simpler with reusable modules and ready-to-use templates to develop, deploy and manage your applications.  


We have expertise in a variety of serverless frameworks, such as AWS Lambda and OpenWhisk. Kripya abstracts infrastructure away and lets you focus on developing your core business logic and execute it on our cloud servers in a vendor-agnostic manner.  


Our Serverless Development services result in both significant cost savings and faster development. 

Cloud based Applications

We provide our services on Cloud, leveraging the power of various web and mobile technologies such as Web 2.0, Ajax, PHP5, MySQL etc… to deliver consistent and secure software applications on multiple platforms. As your cloud-based service provider, we provide software development and architectural guidance that helps create compelling experiences for users.  


Our cloud experts team helps you create and deploy easy-to-use, dynamic web and mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively. 

Edge Computing / CDNs

Edge computing refers to data processing from the point of generation rather than sending it over a network to centralized servers for processing. It makes the deployment of computing more scalable and economical because it reduces the amount of actual data movement, increases control over the location and configuration of system components, and provides a better level of service due to proximity to the user.  


Kripya offers edge computing for smart devices and helps you build integrations into your IT ecosystem for harnessing the power of edge device networks. 

Multi cloud CI/CD

Kripya is a multi-cloud CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) services provider with no vendor lock-in. Kripya’s multi-cloud CI-CD solutions approach enables developers to set up an automated delivery pipeline with complete steps such as Build, Test, and Deploy in just a few minutes.  


Kripya helps you to build and test your code in any language and deploy it on any cloud or virtual infrastructure provider. It is an affordable and effective way to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing.