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CenterStage-Solar Monitoring Solution

CenterStage Cloud-based Solar Monitoring Solution

Kripya CenterStage Solar Monitoring solution is a feature-rich solution that can enable cloud-based monitoring for your Solar Inverter products. 


The cloud-based monitoring solution is an essential feature of an Inverter that can give you an edge over competitors. With CenterStage Solar you can quickly integrate and start deploying it to your customers, instead of building your own cloud-based monitoring solution, requiring significant investment in money, time, and resources.  


Thereby avoiding the need to build a development team, implement the cloud application, and deploy and manage the cloud application. The look and feel are customizable to your product branding requirements. 


Kripya Smart Solar Features & Capabilities

Multi-level Aggregation, Data Drill-downs, Tenant groups

Administrator/Distributor Dashboard gives the administrator, and distributors an aggregated dashboard which will include all their installed site, its power generation parameters, and diagnostics, with the capability to drill down to individual customers, sites, and down to system-level information. 


The Customer Dashboard provides the end-users with information about their installed site’s power generation parameters and diagnostics with the capability to drill down to system-level information.  

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

CenterStage Solar enables real-time cloud-based monitoring for your solar solutions. This enables Administrators, Vendors, and Customers to remotely monitor the operations of their solar installations. It also has alerts and notifications capability that can be configured for specific users/administrators, parameters of interest, and thresholds. It also supports an escalation path for the alerts. 

Intuitive User Interface with Multilevel Dashboards

The CenterStage Solar has a very intuitive interface with multi-level dashboards. It presents the user with a quick overview of all the key information like Total energy generated today, total, instant power, historic energy generation, hourly power data, key metrics, site information, etc. 

Customer Account Management ​

CenterStage Solar comes with multiple-level account management. For example, you may have multiple distributors and retail vendors. And they in turn will deploy to end customers and onboard them to the system. 

Onboard, manage new customers and sites

CenterStage Solar will help you, onboard new customers, and manage your customers/ distributors. retailers. And they can in turn manage their clients. You can manage the accounts of distributors and monitor the customers they have onboarded.  


The distributors in turn will be able to manage the accounts of their retail vendors or end customers. Thus, you and all vendor ecosystems will get a clear picture of what is transpiring at various levels.  

Custom branding and UI layout

Kripya CenterStage Solar Monitoring Solution UI has been designed in such a way that it can be adapted and customized to meet your different brand requirements. 

Hardware Agnostic platform

CenterStage Solar Monitoring Solution does not require any special hardware adaptations and can support a wide range of devices without facing any compatibility issues. This allows you to eliminate data siloes and improve cross-device communication. 

Role-based user access ​

Users will have access to separate sets of features based on their roles. For example, administrators will be able to monitor, configure, and manage customers, whereas a customer will be able to view only the dashboard of their devices. Distributors will be able to view only their retailers or customers. 

Smart Solar Solutions - Key Benefits

  •   Escalating Alerts and Notifications
  •   Forecast Performance
  •   Real-time monitoring of various parameters
  •   Traceability and Historic Records
  •  Quick Integration and deployment
  •   Significant reduction in cost, time & resource consumption