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CenterStage-Smart Factory

Kripya CenterStage- Industry 4.0 Suite

Kripya CenterStage is a powerful Smart Factory platform that combines the power of IoT and Analytics to radically transform your manufacturing plant and process into Industry 4.0 enabled state-of-art manufacturing. It allows your factories and their equipment cum machinery to be Industry 4.0 ready & revolutionizes the way companies manufacture, improve, and distribute their products.

CenterStage Suite is designed in such a way to give IoT Solutions to all discrete manufacturing shops deployed in CNC machine shops, Injection Molding, Forging shops, Sheet Metal pressing shops, etc.

It enables intelligent networking of machines and processes for the industry with the help of IoT, cloud computing, analytics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make the factories smarter, efficient, productive, and less wasteful than before.

Kripya CenterStage Enables

  •   OEE, Utilization, and Part Count Reports
  •   Downtime Analytics
  •   Production Planning
  •   Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  •   Traceability
  •   On-Demand Reports
  •   Real-time remote monitoring and supervisory control

Kripya CenterStage Capabilities

OEE Reports​

OEE is an important metric that gives a benchmark of how effective your machines are. The OEE report in the Suite provides data on the effectiveness of improvement measures and how well your production is optimized with the generation of accurate real-time performance, availability, and qualify reports.

Digital Twin

 Digital Twin is a digital representation of the physical asset in operation. With AI, IIOT (Industrial IoT), and Software analytics in CenterStage, a digital twin will enable you to use real-world data to create simulations, optimize operations, etc.. apart from being a digital representation.

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnosis is crucial to resolving problems in the plant but is usually very difficult to do remotely. However, new AI and cutting-edge technology will make remote diagnostics possible.

Cloud Enabled Dashboards

IoT connectors in Kripya CenterStage link business intelligence dashboards with factory operations data. With this, dashboards combine industrial IoT with data access to cloud databases.

Advanced Analytics

Data analytics in Kripya CenterStage Suite allows you to capture the data and perform advanced capabilities such as analysis of predictive and preventive maintenance, plant load optimization, improved supply-chain management, and operational monitoring to improve OEE.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the energy meter parameters, ambient temperature, and humidity from your mobile & web portal. It provides real-time energy consumption data of the equipment and brings in process transparency, leading to improved operational efficiency, better capacity utilization, and faster decision-making.

CenterStage Smart Factory Modules

Productivity App

Built to keep a track of the productivity of your processing plant. The shop floor/plant manager can be assured that the productivity & efficiency level is optimized and always maintained that way. Its Functionalities include:
  • OEE/TEPP tracking
  •   Downtime Analytics
  •   Capacity Utilization

Operator App

IoT Smart Factory suite allows the shop floor and plant operators to keep track of the operations and the equipment they operate. Its Functionalities include:
  •   Rejection Classification
  •   Downtime Classification
  •   Quality Reasons
  •   Operator Analytics

Kripya CenterStage - Key Benefits

  •   Monitor Machine Data
  •   Identify inefficiencies and deviations in processes
  •   Improved capacity utilization
  •   Tighter quality control
  •   Increased Process Automation
  •   High level of Predictive Maintenance
  •   Sustainable green practices
  •   Improve supply chain traceability< /li>
  •   Minimum 20% cost saving
  •   Overall productivity improvement